Why Energy?

As many women are discovering, careers in energy are excellent careers. They pay well, offer extensive benefits, and provide opportunities for growth. As they say in the industry, “You can be anything at an energy company.” You’ll hear many stories of senior managers and even CEOs who started off in positions such as lineworkers. Find out what all the buzz is about with today’s utilities.


Did you know that median salaries in the energy industry are over $60,000? With overtime, some positions even pay close to $100,000. These are “middle skill” positions that require a post-secondary credential, but less than a bachelor’s degree. Check out the average salaries on each of the specific energy career pages.  


Energy companies offer some of the best benefits available in the business world. See below the types of benefits you can expect if you are employed by an energy company.

Opportunity for Advancement

Energy companies support the “grown your own” philosophy. Not only do they prefer hiring within their own communities, but they support advancement of their employees. Energy companies offer tuition reimbursement should a position require an advanced credential or degree.


Teamwork is essential at energy companies. Think about it — without teamwork, how would an outage be managed? With a culture of safety, teamwork is essential. However, go beyond and you will see teamwork everywhere in an energy company. From customer service through senior management, everyone works together to advance the company’s mission of providing safe and reliable energy to their communities.